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Sgoil Araich Dhalabroig has been commended by the Care Inspectorate, receiving a stellar report following an unannounced inspection last month.

The two-day snap inspection rated the Gaelic-medium Daliburgh School nursery as “ 5—Very Good” on four criteria: care, play and learning, setting, leadership, and staff.

The Care Inspectorate team highlighted key points such as the children being happy and having fun, the staff knowing the children and their needs very well, and the children benefited from the close community links and play beyond the school setting.

The Care Inspectorate inspector highlighted that the nursery had established a community school approach, the children were benefiting from Gaelic language immersion, and staff had developed meaningful relationships with each other, the children and their families.

Also noted was the way the management team carefully deployed staff to ensure the service was well-led and all children’s needs were being met. Staff reflection in their practice also improved outcomes for children.