Archaeology and Local Studies is a course which can be taken in order to provide extra qualifications to access the University of the Highlands and Islands' archaeology degrees, and is a first year module in some degrees. It is also open to anyone who’s just interested in learning a bit more about the archaeology of their area, and archaeology more generally.

This year, more students at Lews Castle College UHI completed their courses and achieved their awards than last year, despite having their studies disrupted by COVID-19.

Recordings are bringing to life the music of their studies for Isles students unable to get-together for a public event.

Like almost all areas of life, Coronavirus has affected the final year honours students enrolled on the BA (Hons) Applied Music with the University of the Highlands and Islands who have had the disappointment of their end of year live recitals being cancelled. 

Each April, the Applied Music students congregate in Stornoway on the Island of Lewis for the final residency of the academic year.