A Crowdfunding appeal page has been launched by Scalpay Community Association as they continue their plans to completely refurbish the island’s playpark.

The community association has set themselves a target date of May 16th to raise £60,000 needed for the project, which would bring back into use the original Scalpay Playpark, officially opened in 1996 and formerly an integral part of island life, but now in a state of disrepair. 

£12,000 has already been raised through community events and donations, but the play equipment identified through specialist manufacturers Sutcliffe Play Scotland needs significant investment, so a fundraising page has been launched at www.crowdfunder.co.uk/scalpay-playpark-project

An SCA spokesperson said: “Our aim as the Scalpay Community Association, is to refurbish the Playpark to a high standard as it once was. Our vision is to the have the Playpark as a place to gather for our young folk. This is proving to be a costly project and can not be achieved without community help and support. We have received quotes in the region of £70,000 in order to get the Playpark to the high standard it once was.” 

A 3-D illustration (pictured) has been produced showing the hoped-for facilities, in a bid to boost the funding appeal.