A Scalpay resident called 999 at 7.55am on Tuesday morning (August 28th) when she saw a man apparently fall from a yacht in East Loch Tarbert.

The man went into the water from the yacht without any evident safety equipment, and Stornoway Coastguard immediately tasked the Coastguard helicopter and volunteer Coastguard teams from Scalpay and Tarbert to head to the scene.

The woman’s husband headed out in a small dinghy and a Sea Harris vessel also picked up the emergency call and made for the scene.

The French national was found to have jumped into the water voluntarily to retrieve his own dinghy, which had become detached from his yacht.

He was unaware of the alarm he had caused and, by the time other vessels reached him, had already climbed into his dinghy and was heading back to the yacht.

All Coastguard teams were stood down before reaching the scene and Stornoway Coastguard classified the incident as a false alarm with good intent.