A Gaelic praise evening will be held on Sunday 21 July at 8pm at the Stornoway High Church on Matheson Road..

The event will feature Celtic songs of praise, performed by Domhnall Michael MacInnes, Noel Eadie, Isabel Macleod and Craig Parks.

“We wanted something to tie into the HebCelt festival, but still be accessible for people who don’t have Gaelic,” Domhnall Michael told welovestornoway.com.  

“Although the songs are Gaelic translations of old hymns, all the introductions will be done in English.  A short text will be projected in between songs.  It’ll last just over an hour.”

Glasgow-based Domhnall Michael, formerly a Mod gold-medallist, will be playing guitar and performing backing vocals, with Noel Eadie playing bass and Craig Parks on percussion.  

“We wanted a young person with good Gaelic to sing, so we asked Isabel Macleod.  She has excellent Gaelic,” explained Domhnall Michael.

Is there a chance this could become a regular event?  “I’d like to see it held in a different church each year,” Domhnall Michael stated.  

“There are plenty of excellent musicians around the island, and we have had so many offers of help, that there would be no difficulty in putting an event like this on again.”

Entry is by voluntary donation, with funds going to Bethesda Hospice.