The Stornoway Sea Angling Club E.G.M. will take place on Thursday 30th April 2015, at 7pm, in the Clubhouse.

The Stornoway Sea Angling Club would like to assure its members that it is working in partnership with its fishing-side to address the current situation with the SYSAC boat.

The background is that the same few fishing members have been using the SYSAC boat for a number of years now, and with these fishing numbers who use the boat dwindling, the Club simply cannot afford to continue paying for a boat running at a loss, for only a few members.

However, the new Committee are working with its fishing-side members on a plan which will hopefully save the boat, increase renewed interest in fishing-side, and make better use of the boat overall in the future.

These issues around the boat haven't happened overnight, but over a number of years, and the new Committee and fishing-side will hopefully be able to turn things around - as they have done already with the bar-side, which made a small profit last financial year, despite falling bar trade.

Another E.G.M. has been organised to take place on Thursday 30th April at 7pm in the Clubhouse, where voting will be held to discuss funding options and/or potential sale of SYSAC II boat. PLEASE NOTE This meeting is only open to current members (current = memberships paid/approved from November 2014) and life members, due to meeting including voting options.